italy off the beaten path

Paradise slice, for our guests to share, savor

rolling hills awash with light italy off the beaten path

rolling hills bathe

patchwork quilt

step back in time

relax, unwind

olive grove

upper picnic

back picnic

outdoor kitchen

early October at the Cesano stone firepit with the crape myrtle in bloom

fire pit


painting with flowers

delicious raspberries warmed by the sun one of the joys of early summer

butterflies, crickets, hummingbird bees

seasonal fresh fruit for picking

early April cherry blossoms in our park take a stroll
apple blossom in early spring

cherry blossom, April 

apple, April

off season scenes
glory of fall, winter

glorious fall colors in our gardens
snow capped mountains walled medieval villages

leaves turn, October

winter wonderland, January