italy art and culture so much to see hard to choose
local peasant dishes - 12 courses

Italian artist

Italian tradition

Crivelli, Pinturicchio adorn pompeii red walls of an intimate 15th century palazzo. Elegant piazza, beckons. Day, enchanting as a Faberge egg.
*80 km, approx. 1.5 hours

Traditional recipes, passed down thru generations, simply to die for.
12 tastings – 5 apps, 3 starters, 3 mains, 1 dessert.
*103 km, approx. 2 hours

gothic church among the main pilgramage sites in Italy
brodetto italian seafood soup specialty of the Marche coast

Italian gothic

Italian seafood

Among the main pilgrimage sites in Italy, construction of the basilica, ordered by the Pope in 1469, worked on by the greatest architects of the time.  Magnificent marble mausoleum (Bramante) surrounds the Holy House believed to be the Nazareth house where Virgin Mary was born, received the Angel’s visit.  Stained glass illuminates, eight glorious gilded, vaulted gothic chapels.  Stupendous.
*87 km, approx. 1.5 hours

Specialty of the Conero coast, original recipe called for 13 types of fish, one for each participant in the last supper, zafferanella (wild saffron), loaf of bread for dipping, heaven.
*87 km, approx. 1.5 hours

early 18th c. palazzo baroque rococo trompe l'oeil
local five star specialties of our area hand sliced prosciutto pici pasta taken up a notch

Italy baroque

Italy Marche gourmet

Early 18th c. palazzo, baroque rococo.
When chariots stylishly transported ladies to the theatre. Library, 350,000 bound  manuscripts, 17 and 18th c. frescoes. Delightful.
*84 km, approx 1.5 hours

“Perfect dish should be tempting tasty and light”.  Local fresh seasonal refined.  Ricotta-filled aubergine rolls, grape must reduction.  Tagliolini, goose ragout, purple potatoes.  Over 800 Italian and international wines. Superb.
*5 km, approx. 15 minutes

romanesque abbey 10th c. one of the oldest benedictine monasteries in the March
local ravioli sauces ready made

Italy abbey

Italy ravioli

Romanesque abbey, tiny jewel. 10th c., one of the oldest Benedictine monasteries in the Marche.
*40 km, approx. 45 minutes

Colorful egg dough pastas catch the eye – cocoa, pomodoro, radicchio, spinaci.  Homemade sauces: tomato, fresh porcini (in season), truffle. Stuffed ravioli: ricotta and spinach; porcini and sausage.  Meat tortellini, cheese with truffle to melt in crescia, white truffle sauce to top filet.  Not your ordinary take-out.
*42 km, approx. 45 minutes

opulent 18th c. palazzo, rococo
award winning pizza chef nestled in the local mountains

Italy palazzo

Italy pizza

Opulent 18th c. palazzo, rococo; stucco capitals, cornices, frieze borders, frescoes, tromp l’oeil intertwine; red marble corridors, mosaic floors, carved doors.
*38 km, approx. 45 minutes

Rosina – local salami, mozzarella, pecorino and fennel flavored fava beans
Le Tre Grazie – raw local mozzarella, field vegetables and sausage
Oro di Vino – mozzarella fior di latte, prosciutto, iceberg, balsamic vinegar cream with truffles. Unique.
* 18 km, about 25 minutes

italy roman ruins mosacis dating back to the 1st century
italy truffle tasting white mid to late fall black year round

Italy roman ruins

Italy truffles

1st c. mosaics, depicting classical mythological figures. Chariot of triumph, Neptune and Amphitrite (god and goddess of the sea). Bacchus (agriculture, wine, fertility) and Medusa (hair of snakes, look into her eyes, turn to stone). One of central Italy’s greatest recent archaeological finds.
*69 km, approx. 1.25 hours

Mushrooms truffles (black year round, white in season) specialty of the house.  Tasting menu – 3 apps, 2 starters, meat main, side dishes, dessert, wine, coffee. Foodie ecstacy.
*77 km, approx. 1.25 hour



sand sea colorful striped umbrellas louge chairs
seafood at the beach prosecco pasta with lobster

Italy beach

Italy sea

“sea air smells of old tales, new dreams”

Prosecco; fisherman’s risotto, passatelli, pici; clams shrimp calamari; skewered fried grilled; step outside, sand at your feet, life is sweet.
*33 km, approx. 40 minutes

La Muta painting by Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) on dispaly in Urbino
traditional rustic italian food garnished with garden flowers as the river flows slowly by

Italy Raffaello

Traditional rustic Italian food

UNESCO world heritage site. Picturesque, walled medieval city, nestles the sloping hillside.  Artistically significant, home to one of the most important collections of Renaissance paintings and birthplace of Raphael, whose father was court painter to the Duke.
*47 km, approx. 1 hour

“All by myself, merrily stuffing cappellacci for Christmas, age eight, a star is born.”
Charming 16
th c. farmhouse, enticing dishes keep arriving, artistically garnished with fresh flowers.  Bliss. Outdoor tables, dine, take your time, as the river flows slowly by. Unforgettable feast. 
*59 km, approx. 1.25 hours

vist out local roman ruins or the gilded bronze statues dating back to 50 or 30 B.C.
italian farmystyle food local specialties dish after dish

Roman gilded bronze statues

Italian farm style food

Two separate sites.
Horse part of only surviving Roman gilt bronze equestrian group statues, believed to date from between 50 and 30 BC.
*13.8 km, approx. 20 min
Ancient town remains, originally founded by Romans in the early 3rd century BC, abandoned in 6th century AD.  Splendid mosaics, mythological, floral, geometric.
Marble floor incorporating 15 different stone types.
*13.8 km, approx. 20 minutes

Tour the farm, orchards, chickens, goats.  Wooden cabins, table laden, appetizers – ricotta honey nuts, marinated olives, cold cuts cheeses, herb egg crepe, seasoned fresh beans, grilled vegetables – to name a few. Pastas, mixed grill, rabbit, you’re in luck.
Down home cooking, unbeatable.
*6.8 km, 20 minutes

*Driving times will vary depending on whether you travel by autostrada, main or country back roads.