Monza, Villa Reale

Villa Reale, a neoclassical masterpiece, elegant, imposing.  Park larger than Versailles.  To the victor go the spoils, originally country residence of the Hapsburg court; royal palace to Napoleon; holiday residence of the Savoy (King Umberto I). 

Bergamo, hardest hit, is seeking donations to buy ventilators, medical supplies, if you wish to help.   May everyone’s guardian angels continue working overtime!


Ravenna, mosaics, Dante.   Eight Byzantine and early Christian monuments, UNESCO.  Breathtaking mosaics, 5th and 6th century.
Galla Placidia – Cole Porter honeymooned in Italy.  Starry night skies said to be his inspiration for Night and Day.  “Earliest and best preserved of all mosaic monuments and at the same time one of the most artistically perfect” (Unesco experts).
Dante Alighieri, exiled here, completed Paradiso, the third and final part of Divina Commedia, Divine Comedy, shortly prior to his death in 1321.
Italy awaits, why hesitate.  Villa Fiori, magical memories.

Urbino, Birthplace of Raphael

During the 15th century, Duke (Federico da Montefeltro), patron of art and literature, established one of Europe’s most illustrious courts here.  Inside his contemplation study, one is surrounded by stunning inlay, trompe-l’oeil bookcases, tempted by half-open latticework doors.  Palazzo Ducale, home to one of the most important collections of Renaissance paintings in Italy, now includes La Muta.
Italy awaits, why hesitate.  Villa Fiori, magical memories.