Driving Miss Daisy – maintain your distance, two in car, passenger rides in back.  Stuck at home, world gone mad, fortunate to be at Villa Fiori, as Spring colors begin their march. 
May everyone’s guardian angels be working overtime!

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5 Thoughts on “Lockdown

  1. Hope that things are better than the news reports. It is quite messy in the States and testing is JUST beginning.

    1. Weather gorgeous, fortunately, spending time in the gardens, butterflies, birds, bees. Love to you and Reiji, be well.

  2. So happy to hear you two are doing well while surrounded by all of the madness. It’s getting crazier by the minute here. Feels like we may be a day away from a national lockdown. We miss you, and wish we were there with you, enjoying your beautiful garden, your company, and delicious food.

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