Hidden paradise slice perched atop a hill, in the Marche region of Italy

Love Italy?  Yearn to return?
Discover, hidden pearls.  Days enchanting as a Faberge egg.
Enjoy, epicurean delights. 
Savor, Crivelli Pinturicchio Raphael.  Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque.
Dreamy Getaways. Off the beaten path.  We’ve done all the work.  Left no stone unturned.  Cherry picked the best.
La Dolce Vita.  Cin Cin, let the good times begin.

Walled medieval villages.  Old world charm. 
Step back in time.  Relax, unwind.  
Getaway to an elegant artist’s countryside retreat. 

Breathtaking panoramic views. 
Nature, 5 glorious acres.
“Deliciously fragrant” David Austin roses perfume the air. 

Mattress, pillows, shower fit for a king. 
Traditional Umbrian fabrics, embroidery lace. 
Studded antique wooden doors, nails hand forged.

VILLA FIORI, Italy Vacation

off the beaten path
armland plots, colorful patchwork quilt, alive changing

country back roads wind, past 

cypress old oak red poppies sunflowers
bell towers, sun’s final rays
antiquity basks, rolling hills bathe
shadows, fade

sogni d’oro (sweet dreams)